Lucid Staffing Solutions Wins ClearlyRated’s 2024 Best of Staffing Client, Employee, and Talent Awards for Service Excellence

February 8, 2024 in Healthcare Staffing


Lucid Staffing Solutions Wins ClearlyRated’s 2024 Best of Staffing Client, Employee, and Talent Awards for Service Excellence


Las Vegas, Nevada – February 6th – Lucid Staffing Solutions, a leading staffing agency in the healthcare sector, is proud to announce that it has won the prestigious 2024 Best of Staffing Client, Employee, and Talent Awards. This recognition, presented in partnership with ClearEdge Marketing and ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Award, highlights the exceptional service experiences provided by Lucid Staffing Solutions to their clients, candidates, and employees.


With fewer than two percent of all staffing agencies in the U.S. and Canada earning the Best of Staffing designation for Client and Talent Satisfaction and fewer than one percent achieving it for Employee Satisfaction, this award places Lucid Staffing Solutions in an elite category of service providers.


Key achievements of Lucid Staffing Solutions include:


Receiving satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 85.7% of their clients, significantly higher than the industry’s average.

Attaining a Net Promoter® Score of 85.7% from clients and 86.7% from internal employees, exceeding global NPS standards for an “excellent” service rating.

Receiving high satisfaction scores from 88% of their placed job candidates.

We are achieving 100% from over 85% of our Travelers, Employees, and Clients, with the remaining percentage giving us high scores from 7-9.

We received complete 100% approval in all four categories for our performance metrics. Qualified, Culture Fit, Time Frame, and Expectations.


The path to this recognition involved rigorous adherence to quality standards and a relentless focus on client and employee satisfaction. Achieving high Net Promoter® Scores and outperforming industry averages in client satisfaction did not come by chance. It is the result of Lucid Staffing Solutions’ methodical approach to understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of the healthcare sector, combined with a personal touch that is often the hallmark of women-led businesses.


Eric Gregg, CEO of ClearlyRated, commended the 2024 Best of Staffing winners for their outstanding service quality, especially in the face of a challenging year. “These firms have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to delivering superior service experiences,” Gregg said.

What These Achievements Mean In The Staffing World


1. High Satisfaction Scores from Clients:

With 85.7% of Lucid Staffing Solutions’ clients giving satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10, the company significantly surpasses the industry average. In the staffing world, where competition is fierce and client expectations are high, such high scores indicate an exceptional level of service and client satisfaction. This achievement points to Lucid Staffing Solutions’ ability to understand and meet the specific needs of their clients, fostering strong, trust-based relationships. In an industry where success is directly tied to the quality of the match between talent and employers, these scores reflect the company’s proficiency in placing the right candidates in the right roles, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency and satisfaction of their clients.

2. Outstanding Net Promoter® Scores:

Achieving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85.7% from clients and 86.7% from internal employees is extraordinary, significantly exceeding global standards for an “excellent” service rating. NPS is a highly regarded metric that measures customer experience and predicts business growth. A score above 70 is considered “world-class,” and Lucid Staffing Solutions’ scores indicate an overwhelmingly positive response, suggesting that the vast majority of their clients and employees are not just satisfied but are enthusiastic advocates for the company. This level of endorsement from both clients and employees underscores the company’s commitment to creating a positive, supportive environment and delivering top-notch service.

3. High Satisfaction Scores from Placed Job Candidates:

The satisfaction of 88% of placed job candidates with high scores clearly indicates Lucid Staffing Solutions’ effectiveness in aligning candidate expectations with the right employment opportunities. For candidates, especially in the healthcare sector, finding positions that match their skills, career goals, and personal values is crucial. Lucid Staffing Solutions’ ability to consistently place candidates in roles where they feel valued and fulfilled contributes to high job satisfaction and professional growth, benefiting not just the individuals but the healthcare facilities and the patients they serve.

4. Universal 100% Approval in Key Performance Metrics:

Receiving a 100% approval rating in all four critical performance metrics—Qualified, Culture Fit, Time Frame, and Expectations—is unprecedented. This indicates that Lucid Staffing Solutions excels in:

Providing candidates who are not only qualified but are the right fit for the company’s culture.
Meeting the time frames for staffing needs is crucial in the fast-paced healthcare industry, where staffing needs can be immediate and critical.
Meeting and exceeding expectations in all aspects of their service.
This level of achievement in these specific areas highlights Lucid Staffing Solutions’ comprehensive understanding of the healthcare staffing industry’s demands and their exceptional ability to meet those demands with precision and care.


About Lucid Staffing Solutions


Lucid Staffing Solutions, founded by former healthcare travelers, specializes in providing comprehensive staffing solutions across the United States. Catering to both travel healthcare workers and hospital decision-makers, Lucid Staffing Solutions is dedicated to bridging the gap in healthcare staffing with excellence and integrity.


As a woman-owned enterprise, Lucid Staffing Solutions has carved a unique niche in the industry. This distinction is not just a badge of identity but a reflection of the company’s ethos and approach to business. Embracing the qualities often associated with female leadership, such as empathy, effective communication, and attention to detail, Lucid Staffing Solutions has fostered a culture that prioritizes the needs and aspirations of both clients and employees. This has been instrumental in the company’s journey toward receiving these prestigious awards.


About ClearlyRated


Rooted in satisfaction research for professional service firms, ClearlyRated leverages a Net Promoter® Score survey program to measure service experience, build an online reputation, and differentiate firms based on service quality.


The significance of ClearlyRated’s methodology lies in its ability to transform raw data into actionable insights. These insights are crucial for businesses striving to enhance their service delivery, customer engagement, and overall market reputation. The Net Promoter® Score, a central element of ClearlyRated’s approach, is globally recognized for its effectiveness in gauging customer loyalty and satisfaction. By employing this metric, ClearlyRated empowers firms to track performance and benchmark their services against industry standards. This benchmarking is vital in a competitive landscape, as it enables firms to identify areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement.


About Best of Staffing®


The Best of Staffing® Award, exclusively in the U.S. and Canada, honors staffing agencies that have demonstrated superior service quality based entirely on ratings provided by their clients, placed talent, and internal employees.


Winning the Best of Staffing® Award is a significant achievement for any staffing agency. It signals to current and potential clients and talent that the agency is committed to providing exceptional service. The award also serves as an invaluable marketing tool, highlighting the agency’s dedication to quality and excellence in a highly visible and respected platform. For staffing agencies, this recognition is not just about receiving a trophy; it’s about building trust, credibility, and a reputation for excellence in a competitive industry. The Best of Staffing® Award is a testament to an agency’s commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of its most critical stakeholders.

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