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March 8, 2024 in Healthcare Staffing


1. What are ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing Awards?


At Lucid Staffing Solutions, our recent ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing awards showcases our deep-rooted commitment to excellence in healthcare staffing. Originating from our unique perspective as a company founded by travelers, these awards highlight our dedication to fostering productive relationships within the healthcare staffing industry. Recognized as a Best of Staffing winner, and scoring ratings above the most well-known staffing agencies, ClearlyRated’s awards acknowledge agencies that deliver exceptional service quality, a benchmark that attests to our relentless pursuit of excellence, transparency, AI innovation, and a traveler-centric staffing approach. Lucid is setting new quality standards of what should be expected from your healthcare staffing agency, providing tailored solutions that exceed the needs of both clients and healthcare professionals, without compromise. As leaders in healthcare recruitment services, we are proud to set benchmarks that others will strive to reach and create the world’s most effective healthcare support system.

Nicole P., Assistant Director of Imaging Services, attests to our unparalleled service, stating, “They are an amazing team to work with. By far the best travel agency I have ever worked with, and I’ve been doing this for over 10 years.” This testimonial underscores our position as an industry leader, highlighting our commitment to excellence and our ability to exceed expectations consistently.

2. How did Lucid Staffing Solutions win the Best of Staffing awards for Clients, Employees, and Travelers?


Our success stems from leveraging firsthand experiences as healthcare travelers ourselves, to offer personalized healthcare staffing solutions. We provide a vetting process for clients using our firsthand clinical experience that only clinicians are capable of providing, ensuring the most qualified professionals meet our client’s needs, backed by client-focused staffing solutions. For employees and travelers, we provide a multitude of benefits, including career guidance for healthcare workers that we as travelers wished we had, competitive benefits for travelers, and a supportive healthcare staffing community, emphasizing transparency and a deep understanding of their unique needs. This comprehensive approach has been pivotal in becoming an award-winning staffing agency. Our unwavering dedication to upholding excellence in healthcare staffing and fostering a culture of respect and integrity sets us apart as one of the best healthcare staffing agencies.

3. What does winning these awards mean for Lucid Staffing Solutions?


Securing the ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing awards reinforces our goal to revolutionize healthcare staffing. Our foundation in genuine healthcare traveler experiences drives us to offer compassionate, personalized staffing solutions, validating our efforts to surpass the expectations of facilities, professionals, and patients. These awards urge us and the entire industry to maintain our excellent service and care standards. Our staffing agency reviews showcase our impact to the healthcare staffing world and our role in shaping healthcare staffing trends of 2024, solidifying our reputation for client satisfaction in staffing. We are grateful for the kind words and we ask that you take the time to review them yourselves.


Mathew S. from KP Santa Clara highlights the caliber of our candidates: “All candidates we’ve received from Lucid Staffing have been flexible, professional, and most importantly – quality people who have a distinct focus on patient care.” This testimony reflects our commitment to excellence and the importance we place on patient care in all our staffing solutions.

4. How does Lucid Staffing Solutions maintain high levels of satisfaction among clients, employees, and travelers?


Our commitment to high satisfaction levels is shown by embracing innovative staffing solutions and AI in healthcare staffing, which have revolutionized our operations for efficiency and speed. This focus on technological advancement, coupled with our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, ensures we meet the healthcare industry’s evolving needs while providing unparalleled support for our staff. Our approach not only leads to healthcare employment opportunities but also builds a healthcare staffing community that values trust, respect, and the pursuit of excellence. We strive to have a fully optimized healthcare support system that embraces technology to provide our clients with the best of the best in service but also provide tools for our travelers to succeed.

Katalena S., a traveler with Lucid, shares her sense of belonging: “Everyone feels like family, I love this. My recruiter doesn’t hound me. And I can reach out any time.” Katalena’s words emphasize the personalized support and community feeling that set Lucid apart, highlighting our unique approach to healthcare staffing.

5. How does Lucid Staffing Solutions plan to build on this success?


Our future plans hinge on continuous innovation and service enhancement, with a focus on utilizing AI in healthcare staffing to refine our operations process between healthcare facilities and professionals. By expanding training and development programs, we aim to support the growth and success of our employees and travelers, aligning with healthcare staffing trends to maintain our position as a leader in delivering award-winning service quality. This strategic direction not only aligns with our commitment to innovative staffing solutions but also reinforces our standing as an award-winning staffing agency, dedicated to setting new benchmarks for excellence in healthcare and pioneering a positive change at the unified request of our healthcare community.

6. How can clients, employees, and travelers get involved with or benefit from Lucid Staffing Solutions’ award-winning services?


Engaging with Lucid Staffing Solutions offers a chance to be part of a journey that sets new benchmarks in healthcare staffing. Our dedication to seamless, transparent, and tailored services meets the distinct needs of our clients positioning us among the best healthcare staffing agencies. We invite you to join our mission, where your success drives our efforts to advocate for and achieve excellence in healthcare staffing. Recognize that you are in the company of your peers and that we have walked the same traveler’s path which motivates us to work harder to better the traveler experience for you and your future. Joining Lucid means becoming part of a community committed to transparent healthcare staffing and benefiting from a legacy of healthcare staffing excellence, where every individual’s contribution is valued and recognized.

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