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Healthcare Experience

Our team of experts includes former Hospital leaders and Travelers. 

Our experience in upper hospital management means we understand all of your staffing needs. Say goodbye to time wasted explaining your unique needs to agencies with no clinical experience or understanding. Built on a foundational understanding of the industry’s unique challenges, we’re strategically equipped to find exactly the right talent when and where you need it, ensuring nothing is lost in translation. 


Healthcare Resources

Healthcare never stops.

When you need competent, seasoned healthcare staff at a moment’s notice, Lucid Staffing can find them fast—in fact, we boast some of the fastest submission times in the industry, working around the clock to fill orders and screen candidates. Plus, you’ll never have to deal with a diluted account management pipeline—we guarantee direct and responsive communication every time.


Healthcare Professionals

Lucid’s rigorous screening process ensures that our healthcare professionals are highly qualified and vetted. Our team of clinically trained experts deliver seamless staffing solutions, freeing you to focus on patient care. With our swift submission-to-hire process, exceptional retention rates, and round-the-clock responsiveness, we’re always at your service. Our comprehensive network covers any role within your facility, including the following categories: 

Temporary (Traveling) Healthcare Professionals

Permanent Placements


Registered Nurses

Allied Health Professionals


Leadership & Management

Non-Clinical Staff

And Everything In Between!

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