Lucid Named Top Healthcare Staffing Company by HBR

May 26, 2023 in Healthcare Staffing


The demand for more efficient and reliable healthcare services has never been greater, given the ongoing public health concerns and aging American population.

However, with the massive shortage of qualified professionals in the industry, most healthcare providers find it challenging to align with the country’s growing healthcare needs. The mass exodus of nurses and other healthcare professionals is adding to these woes, which results in existing teams getting even more stressed, overworked, and ultimately, burned out. The knock-on effect of this is an unprecedented demand for travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals, allowing providers to bridge the growing gap between supply and demand.

How can a healthcare provider filter out the best talent from a pool of professionals?

Lucid Staffing Solutions is the answer.

The healthcare staffing and recruiting expert is ideally positioned to assist healthcare facilities in finding the best qualified candidates, allowing them to enhance staffing efficiency and operational excellence. Founded by two seasoned healthcare experts—Suzanne Bialek and Daniel Davenport—who bring decades of traveling healthcare experience, Lucid Staffing
Solutions holds a natural edge to connect these specialized talents with leading healthcare facilities. Its partnerships with healthcare facilities, administrators, travel nurses, and professionals also contribute to its excellence in healthcare staffing and recruiting.

Lucid Staffing Solutions embraces a unique approach to staffing that stems from the symbiosis of its clinical expertise and industry experience. Combined with its commitment to offering on-demand, on-time services, the team ensures increased contractor and employer satisfaction, effective performance, and patient and professional safety. It boasts a track record of serving numerous clients while retaining a high referral rate.


Adaptive Strategies for Finding the Right Candidates


“Our unwavering commitment to prompt and transparent communication with clients, coupled with expeditious response times in meeting deadlines, makes us a go-to partner for a broad clientele,” says Bialek, co-founder and


Daniel Davenport, Founder and Agency Director & Suzanne Bialek, Founder and CEO

A typical client engagement at Lucid Staffing Solutions begins with one-on-one conversations to gain a holistic understanding of client challenges. The team spends significant time finding their short or long-term needs, skill-based nuances of in-demand roles, and desired personality traits for recruitment. These insights are then used to craft a plan of action to find the best-fit travel nurses or allied healthcare professionals. It embraces a comprehensive clinical vetting process to access well-educated and experienced candidates, ensuring each client gets the right fit and the best hiring experience.

“Our unique composition enables us to offer highly coveted services, making us the ideal agency for both clients and travelers. By bridging the gap between the two, we ensure nothing is lost in translation, resulting in seamless staffing solutions,” says Davenport, co-founder and former radiologic technologist practitioner.

Lucid Staffing Solutions also believes in self-evaluation, which according to Bialek, is the key to providing quality services. The team, to this end, gathers feedback from clients that help better analyze their operations and evaluate the healthcare professional’s performance. Reviews from customers help gain a profound understanding of employee work behavior, strengths, and weaknesses, providing it with the best insights to continue improving operations. It also evaluates its services and successes through metrics like response times, high retention, and extension rates.


Marveling Client Successes

Illustrating Lucid Staffing Solutions’ excellence in healthcare staffing and recruiting can be best exemplified through its collaboration with one of the prominent hospitals in the U.S. The client approached the team as their previous staffing agency failed to recruit qualified staff for their emergency department. They were short of 15 ER staff and required immediate placements to avoid casualties.

The team at Lucid Staffing Solutions began the groundwork to understand the client’s specifications for the role and find the qualified talent. Based on their requirements, the team did in-depth research to find candidates from its talent pipeline. With its time-bound services, it could fill all 15 positions in less than a week.

Excited about how it could bring competent employees onboard within a limited time, the client gave Lucid
Staffing Solutions additional 55 job vacancies, with half of them to be filled within 1 to 2 weeks. Although this was challenging, it filled all vacancies by complying with every regulation. These successes stand testament to its proficiency in what it is best at.

Clients can count on Lucid Staffing Solutions to fill the gaps in their teams, no matter what. The brains behind this excellence are its founding wizards, who continue to define new heights for Lucid Staffing Solutions with a focus on streamlining healthcare recruitment and enhancing operational efficiency.

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