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The thrill of travel healthcare may not last forever. When you’re looking for a permanent healthcare job, we can help you find a facility you love.


We’ve built our direct-hire healthcare staffing services on a deep foundation of healthcare knowledge as well as an empathetic understanding of exactly what you’re looking for in a long-term role. If you’re ready to “settle down,” we’ll find the opportunity for you.

How Does Healthcare Staffing Work?

It’s simple. We’re the liaison between you and the facility, committed to making everyone’s life easier.

Apply today and we’ll find a role that fits your experience, skills, and certifications. Once the introduction is made and our client presents an offer, you get to work as a full-time employee of your chose facility.

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From our Travelers

Working with the Lucid staff was one of my most memorable and highest-paid contracts. My recruiter was genuine, knowledgeable, professional, and had a background in radiology. It's a good feeling to know that my recruiter could understand and relate to my concerns. Lucid staff will always be my top preferred agency to work for! Shanta J. Rad Tech - CT/MRI 

I personally would rank Lucid Staffing Solutions as my top go-to healthcare staffing agency. I have been a travel healthcare professional for the past three years, contracting with different staffing agencies nationwide. I have to say, my experience with Lucid Staffing Solutions is simply the best. I will forever be thankful to have come across this great staffing agency that is professional, communicates very well with its contractors, ensures compliance, efficiency, and promotes great work ethics. In addition to their multiple contracts with top-notch healthcare facilities nationwide, Lucid Staffing Solutions has healthcare workers' best interests at heart. In my personal experience thus far, I can attest that lowballing is definitely not the order of the day here. Prior to my current experience with Lucid Staffing Solutions, I had never agreed to renew a work contract with any other staffing agencies. With Lucid Staffing Solutions, I am currently going on my 4th renewal! Just come fired up, compliant, and ready to hit the ground running. Go Lucid! Tatiana M. Rad Tech X-Ray

I'll be honest; I was reluctant to join Lucid Staffing Solutions because they weren't as well-known as the other travel agencies. This is not my first travel nursing contract, but it is my first assignment with Lucid Staffing Solutions. However, my recruiter reached out to me on a Saturday night at 9 pm EST when I first applied. This surprised me because most companies, especially recruiters, operate strictly Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and you won't hear from them after that. But not mine; they were very informative, friendly, and answered all my questions. I never had a problem reaching out to them any day or time of the week. They are always willing to help if any issues come up. So far, in my contract, I haven't encountered any problems that needed fixing. Additionally, this is the highest-paying company I have come across. I am definitely looking forward to more contracts with this company! Patty K. RN - ER

If you're hesitant to start your travel nursing experience, don't be! I have been working with Lucid for the past year, and it has been great. This is largely thanks to my recruiter. Lucid ensures to suggest assignments that suit me and quickly handles any questions or issues that I might have. They offer great rates, benefits, insurance coverage, and have a highly capable and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend the company, especially my recruiter, to any nurses looking to start traveling. Nicolas S. RN - ER

Took the leap and went with Lucid Staffing Solutions for my first travel contract. Onboarding was smooth, and my recruiter explained everything along the way. I never had an issue with my paycheck, and they were very responsive whenever I had questions. I'll never travel with anyone else! Katina J. RN - ER

Lucid is amazing to work for. I never had an issue with my pay, and my recruiter was always on top of things. It was very easy to reach them, especially if I had a concern with the facility I was assigned to. I highly recommend Lucid to others, and I would work with them again without a doubt. Nerlene E. RN - ER

I met my recruiter over Facebook while in-between contracts. He quickly found me a contract in Iowa and was always very responsive and quick to reply (which is a big deal for me). During the onboarding process, he worked diligently to get me to work as quickly as possible and ensure my success. While at the hospital, my recruiter was my advocate and stood by me when the hospital was treating me unfairly. I felt like we built a trusting relationship, and my success as a nurse was their top priority. With Lucid Staffing, I didn't feel like just a number; I felt valued and appreciated. They were very respectful of all my needs and special requests. Lucid Staffing is a company that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a change from the major companies out there who bombard you with automated messages, treat you like a number, and randomly ghost you. Surprisingly, even after my contract was finished, my recruiter and I have kept in contact. I am thankful to have met him and had the opportunity to work with him. By far, the best recruiters I've ever come across! La’Shae A. RN - ER

The Best Agency Ever. I have been traveling for the last 3.5 years and have worked with many different agencies and recruiters. Last year, I had an opportunity to work with Lucid Staffing Solutions. The agency is owned and operated by former travel healthcare professionals who know the industry inside and out. My recruiter was great. They were transparent, on point, and, most importantly, caring. I can text/call them anytime, and they always reply right away. Additionally, they offer the highest pay in the market. Lucid is truly the best. I love working with you. Jargalmaa B. Rad Tech - X-Ray 

From our Clients

Working with Lucid Staffing has been a great experience. They extremely helpful and go above and beyond to find the right fit for our department needs.  The technologists they provides are experienced in their modalities.  They have the knowledge and understanding of how to fit into different work environments. Lisa. Assistant Director, Imaging Services

Lucid is great, plain and simple. I enjoy working with them because it's clear they have clinical backgrounds and understand Allied Health, not just Nursing. We never have any issues with compliance and they're very responsive if we ever need anything. Great company. Sandra M. Director of Imaging

Lucid has been a breath of fresh air compared to other agencies I've used. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Around Christmas time they filled about 45 travel positions with us in only 3-weeks, we were impressed! They've quickly become our preferred staffing agency. Kerry B. Assistant Director, PACU

I began using Lucid after receiving recommendations from colleagues and regional management. Since the day I started using them everything has been so simple, fast, and dependable. You can really tell they actually care about their customers and their travelers. Highly recommended! Brian J. Assistant Director, ER

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