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Detailed Position Information: X-ray Technologist


Lucid Staffing Solutions is offering an exciting per-diem opportunity for X-ray Technologists in San Francisco, California. This position provides a fantastic chance to work with one of the premier hospital systems in the country, earning competitive pay while maintaining the flexibility to choose shifts that suit your lifestyle.


Position Details

  • Rate:

    Enjoy a competitive hourly rate of $80, reflecting the value of your skills and experience. This rate ensures that your expertise is well-compensated, allowing you to earn an excellent income while working flexible hours.

  • Position:

    X-ray Technologists
    We are seeking skilled and experienced X-ray Technologists to join our team. Your role will involve performing diagnostic imaging procedures, producing high-quality X-ray images, and ensuring patient safety and comfort during exams.

  • Location:

    San Francisco, California
    This position is based in the vibrant and dynamic city of San Francisco. Known for its world-class healthcare facilities, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks, San Francisco offers a unique and exciting environment for healthcare professionals.

  • Start Date:

    ASAP We are looking for candidates who can start immediately. Join us as soon as possible and begin making a positive impact in the healthcare community while enjoying the flexibility of per-diem work.

  • Shift:

    8-hour shifts (days, some mids)
    The position involves 8-hour shifts, primarily during the day, with some mid-shifts available. This schedule allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance while gaining valuable experience in a top-tier healthcare setting.+

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