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Streamlined Operations Through Lucid Staffing:


Our proposal introduces a streamlined approach where Lucid acts as the central point of contact for all your mobile imaging needs.

This integration means you would no longer need to navigate separate contracts with multiple mobile imaging providers.

Instead, you would benefit from a single, comprehensive agreement with Lucid Staffing,

covering both the provision of mobile imaging units and the our exceptional staffing solutions.


Benefits of Our Partnership






Diverse Options


Access to a wide range of mobile imaging units from various providers, offering you more choices and competitive rates.

Efficient Communication


A single point of contact for all mobile imaging inquiries, ensuring clear and consistent communication.

After-Hours Maintenance


All units are serviced directly by the manufacturer, with maintenance performed outside of operational hours to minimize disruption.

Reduced Administrative Burden


Single-contract approach significantly cuts down on administrative tasks related to vendor management while providing more options.

Streamlined VMS Integration


Our VMS system streamlines all of our staffing and mobile imaging workflow under one roof, allowing for real-time tracking, updates, and requests for additional units or staffing all in one place.

Customized Solutions


Tailored mobile imaging solutions to meet specific needs, ensuring versatility and precision in service delivery.

Customization and Flexibility


We are prepared to tailor systems to specific requirements for long-term commitments. Additionally, our contracts offer flexibility, including the option to terminate at any time.

Competitive Pricing


 Access to competitive and flexible pricing options through relationships with multiple imaging companies.

Simplified Billing and Reporting


Streamlined financial management with straightforward billing and clear financial reporting.

More Amazing Benefits





Quality Assurance


Consistent high-quality standards across all services, with rigorous vetting and quality control processes.

Rapid Deployment and Responsiveness


Rapid response times, quick deployment, drastically reduced downtime, increased profits and enhanced patient care.

Advanced Technology Access


Availability of the latest mobile imaging technology.


Enhanced Data Security and Compliance


Strict adherence to data security standards and regulatory compliance across all partners.


Scalability and Flexibility


Ability to scale services according to changing needs and patient volumes.


Dedicated Support and Service


Reliable and efficient resolution of issues with a commitment to customer service excellence.


Custom Units


We specialize in MRI, PET, and CT Units to fit all of your needs.
With custom solutions for anything you will need

Looking Ahead, The Future Of Mobile Imaging


As your trusted partner, we are committed to scaling our services to meet the evolving needs of Kaiser Permanente. Our focus remains on innovation, ensuring that the latest mobile imaging technologies are readily available to you. We believe this partnership will significantly enhance the operational efficiency of your mobile imaging services, aligning with our mutual goals of providing exceptional healthcare.