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Potiental Strike In Oregon & Washington

Lucid Staffing Solutions has set a new quality standard in our support for fellow Clinicians! Join us for some exciting opportunities!

Positions Needed




MUST be or apply to be licensed in Oregon
Still accepting new applicants:

Apply here and be sure to get finger printing done same day:


MUST be available 10/28-11/19


MUST apply and create a profile to be considered





Licensing fees


Travel Reimbursment











Must Fully Complete A Profile And Apply For An Oregon License To Be Considered


We have Guaranteed Jobs for Qualified Applicants


Step 1


 Click on the Apply Now

Complete the Application Form

After You Sign up Make Sure Your Profile Is 100% Complete

After you fill out your application be sure to fill out your profile and compliance section in order to be fully considered.


Step 2


Profile Section


Fill out your profile.

Step 3


Compliance Section


Upload your compliance documents.


Step 4




After You Have Completed A Profile Make Sure To Apply For Your Orgeon License Here